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Created for DIYers and small businesses 

You know your website isn’t where it should be, but you have no idea how to make it better. Stop wasting time and money on a website that won’t WOW your clients!

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What is a website audit, you ask? Simply put, it's a digital checkup.

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Who could benefit from an audit?

» The DIY web designer: It’s super time-intensive to build your own website and you have no idea if you’re even doing it right!? We can help.

» Small business owners: You can’t always see your website from a client’s perspective. A website audit offers a fresh pair of eyes, so you can wow your visitors within seconds. 

Many small businesses don’t have a designer on staff, so you may find yourself wanting to “pick the brain” of a professional designer. (That’s us!)

5 star rating
"I am very happy with the website audit done by Brittany and Ashley!
They really did a deep dive on my brand's website and provided a detailed and easy to follow PDF that indicates the positives of your website and their suggested changes to optimize it and make it better. The accompanied video was very helpful as it is a walkthrough of your website going over their suggestions. It helped answer some questions I had that were stated on the PDF. Their audit was helpful and can't wait to make their suggested changes to provide a better experience to our customers and visitors!"
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Melissa Polanco
Ring of Color Founder
"Brittany and Ashley took great care of us. They responded quickly and handled our micromanaging like champs! Their creativity is broad and diligent. They played a key part in helping us continue to stand out in our industry."
Bryndon - Pioneer Media

Now let's talk about the...

amazing benefits of a website audit:

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Uncover weaknesses:

Like a stealthy ninja, we'll infiltrate the deepest corners of your website and expose hidden weaknesses that could be affecting your website. From broken links to slow loading times, we'll leave no weakness unchecked.

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Improve online visibility

Your website is a battlefield of conversions waiting to be won. We'll help you conquer search engine results and win conversion by analyzing your pages, forms, CTA's, and potential barriers to conversion.


Enhanced user experience:

Don't let your potential clients get lost in the chaos! We'll analyze your website's navigation, layout, design aesthetics, and overall user experience to help create a seamless journey for your visitors.

Website audit packages

Low risk, great reward!


The Sparkle Website Audit

Are you curious to discover the hidden potential of your website without breaking the bank? With our website audit, you’ll gain a general understanding of your website’s strengths and areas for improvement. The best part? It’s extremely affordable!

Audits are based on these 4 pillars:


» On Sale: $27 $37

Expected turnaround time: 3-4 business days from start date


The Rockstar Website Audit

Ready to take your website to the next level? This package offers an in-depth analysis and a complete list of actionable steps to supercharge your online presence. For just $47, you’ll receive a comprehensive assessment filled with valuable insights.

Audits are based on these 5 pillars:


» Your Investment: $47

Expected turnaround time: 2-3 business days from start date

I'm so ready for this!

How does the process work?

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Step 1: Submit form

Submit your website info and payment using the form below. We'll email you your start date.

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Step 2: Analyze

We'll analyze your website to find what’s working and what's not — then find actionable solutions!

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Step 3: Send deliverables

After your audit, we’ll put together your website audit deliverables and share it with you via email.

Start your website audit

Limited audit slots are available each month, so book early! (All sales are final)

Fill out the form for The Sparkle Website Audit (switch tabs for The Rockstar Website Audit version)

Fill out the form for The Rockstar Website Audit (switch tabs for The Sparkle Website Audit version)

Looking for answers?

We would love to work with you to implement the steps provided in your checklist. If you’re a good fit for our services, we will send a proposal + quote.

We do not cover more advanced SEO implementations or recommendations as we are not SEO experts. 

*If you book any of our services within 60 Days of your audit, we’ll deduct the price of your audit from the final price.

  • Suggestions on how to improve conversions on your website
  • Recommended integrations or functionality
  • Get ideas on how to improve the design of your site from the eyes of an expert designer
  • Suggestions on how your content can be improved
  • Recommendations on SEO
  • Identifying gaps on your site
  • How strong are your call-to-actions
  • Site speed analysis
  • Are you staying on brand
  • And the list goes on…

*NOTE: The website audit applies to the front-end of your site only. All sales are final.

No access is needed for our reports as they are a front-end analysis only. All we need is your website URL!

Your personalized walk-through video length will vary depending on size of your website and what we find. We want to be comprehensive and informative, so we expect most to be at least 5 minutes long.

While our reports are comprehensive, there are some things we do not analyze:

  • back-end themes/templates, software, or plugins
  • advanced site security
  • online shops, memberships, or portals
  • plagiarism or duplicate content
  • email accounts
  • anything that is offsite (e.g. social media, etc.)

The Sparkle Website Audit: We aim to have the audit video walkthrough and checklist to you within 3-4 business days. 

The Rockstar Website Audit: We aim to have the audit video walkthrough and checklist to you within 2-3 business days. 

Start times start when we have an opening!

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The creative duo

Hey, we're Brittany and Ashley the co-owners of Twingenuity Graphics.

We have 8+ years of experience designing websites for a variety of small businesses. Our bold designs and amazing customer experience have our clients raving. We can help save you time and money by fixing what’s not working on your website.

What do you say? Can we help you improve your website to generate leads?

A bad website is like a grumpy salesperson.” — Jakob Nielsen