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Case Study: Product Labels & Website

mardes design case study

Are you ready to see some mouthwatering, flavorful and delicious designs?

Well you’re in luck!

mardes website logo and product label case study

We had a blast working on this project and we’re excited to share our design process with you! First, let’s read a little about our client, Marde’s Specialty Foods.

About Client

marde's specialty foods logo design

Marde’s is a family owned brand providing specialty products, including bbq sauces, rubs, honey and vinegars. Rich in flavor, they bring together the highest quality of ingredients in everything they prepare. Marde’s highest level of commitment is to inspire a healthy lifestyle for all by providing the most natural and nutritious ingredients with the highest quality standards for their customers.

Goal of Project

Mark Lehman is an owner and chef of Marde’s products and he approached us to expand his brand and design elements; starting with designing the labels for his products – 5 bbq sauces, 3 fused vinegars, 4 rubs, and honey. Mark wanted the look to be rustic, yet elegant to show off the high quality of his homemade products and brand.

Design & Results

Now it was time for us to go to work and create design concepts based on what he told us.

mardes website and product label design mockup

  • To create a rustic feel, we used a textured pattern in the background combined with decorative elements to class it up.
  • Each product flavor (bbq, vinegar, etc.) has their own signature color paired with a unique high quality photo to ‘spice’ it up and for visual flavor differentiation among his product line.
  • Bold typography with a warm and stimulating color palette creates a cohesive and consistent look across all products. This further supports that while the bottles are from the same company, they are different products.
  • Lastly, featuring the Marde’s logo prominently in the center was important to build brand recognition for his new brand.

mardes product labels and business cards

mardes product labels for bbq sauce, rub, honey and vinegars

mardes brochure design min


We had a wonderful time bringing Mark’s dream of creating his own flavorful products to life. Mark has been busy selling his products at fairs and festivals, and even getting it in stores!

product and business card display in store product label display in store

Do you need to add some ‘flavor’ to your designs?

We welcome you to get a free quote and see what we can do for you!

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