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Should You Get A Holiday Themed Logo?

Should You Get A Holiday Themed Logo?

With fall ending and winter approaching, each month is bringing a new major holiday.

Have you ever considered changing your logo to match the coming holidays?

Changing colors or incorporating a holiday motif should do the trick. Clean and simple is the key. Try an alternate color scheme of brown and orange for Halloween or adding snowflakes for the winter holidays for instance, is a nice detail. The slight variation can breathe new life into your logo. You can stand out from the crowd and reinforce your message while adding a touch of fun.

Now is the time to get your logo into the holiday spirit!

Do you need a Christmas logo? Would you like a special holiday logo to ring in the New Year? Do you think your logo should take on a slightly more romantic look for Valentines Day? What about on Easter, Mother’s Day, Thanksgiving or even the Fourth of July?

What could be more fun than a Halloween holiday logo design or designs for St. Patrick’s Day, April Fool’s Day, Memorial Day, and Labor Day? If you want to celebrate National Chocolate Cake Day, we can make it happen! We can even design a celebratory logo design for a new product launch, a milestone anniversary or a new location. No matter what you’re doing, we can transform your logo to commemorate the event. And we’ll always do it in a way that leaves your core design and messaging completely intact.

Here are four ways a holiday themed logo can strengthen your business.

1. Attract Attention

Showing people your familiar logo with  a subtle change will make them look twice. As they compare what is different, they will become more familiar with your logo. This creates a stronger brand awareness in their minds.

2. Show You’re Up-to-date

Both regular and new visitors will notice and appreciate your logo change. A logo that reflects the holiday season, or a special day communicates unequivocally that someone is paying attention to the company and is keeping things current. As a result, this inspires trust within your customers for your company. Thus a holiday themed logo can help you win new clients.

3. The “It” Factor

A holiday themed logo will enhance the uniqueness of your marketing promotions. If you’re running a Halloween special, work a pumpkin or ghost into your logo.

4. Connect With Your Audience

Changing to a holiday themed logo is just one of those things you can do to connect better with your target audience. In addition to adding a bit of cheer to your brand, you’re revealing your company’s personality. You’re letting your company’s character shine through and you’re telling your visitors that the people within your company have fun and celebrate the same things they do.

Here are 17 examples of creative looking holiday logos that we found.

Take a look at each of these logos and we hope this list serves as inspiration for you to spread the holiday mood and spirit to everyone.


culvers christmas logo christmas holiday festival logo WAPL christmas logo design


twitter halloween logo yahoo halloween logo design

Valentine’s Day:

valentines day google doodle design

4th of July:

festival fireworks logo design


easter google logo

St. Patrick’s Day:

wordpress logo design st patricks day google st patricks day st patricks day company logo

Easily add a little holiday spirit to your logo. Twingenuity Graphics has a deal to holid-ize your logo for a low price. If you want a website or print items to go with it, we can do that as well.

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